June 9, 2023

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 debuted a few days ago on Netflix, and the dating show is so popular that fans are still looking for information about the cast members and all. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Who’s Taking Part in the Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Cast?

Mumbai-based marriage consultant Sima Taparia, best known as Sima Aunty, is as always leading the ceremonies in the latest season of Indian Matchmaking. In addition to the famous Indian matchmaker, the third season features both new and returning cast members:

  • Bobby Seagull
  • Viral Joshi
  • Aashay Shah
  • Priya Ashra
  • Arthi Lalwani
  • Rushali Rai
  • Shital Patel
  • Vikash Mishra
  • Arti Lalwani
  • Pavneet Sachdeva

The new season features individuals from different parts of the world, including London, New Delhi, Miami, and New York.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Info

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 premiered on April 23, and, like the previous installments, is now streaming on Netflix.

Season 3 features eight episodes:

  • Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Episode 1 “Husband-in-Waiting”
  • Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Episode 2 “Take the Bobby”
  • Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Episode 3 “An ABCD”
  • Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Episode 4 “A Top Knot Appreciator”
  • Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Episode 5 “Is Costco a Hobby?”
  • Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Episode 6 “Wills and Whims and Fancies”
  • Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Episode 7 “Daddy’s Little Tall Girl”
  • Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Episode 8 “Marry Me”

“Sima from Mumbai is back and busier than ever! This season, Mumbai’s premiere matchmaker will help single millennials around the globe find their perfect match,” reads the synopsis. “From London to New Delhi, Miami to New York, Sima will manage more expectations than ever before from clients, old and new. Drawing from her decades of experience, insightful intuition and traditional methods, Sima strives to help some lucky singles find their destinies!”

At the moment of writing, the streaming service hasn’t announced whether there will be a fourth season of Indian Matchmaking. While the show has been criticized for its depiction of Indian society and the institution of arranged marriages, it also gained a massive following over the years.

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