June 9, 2023

Law & Order: SVU‘s latest season 24 episodes have proven the Special Victims Unit is prepared for the upcoming crossover event and the potential crossover-level threat it may offer. The conclusions of Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime will synthesize into an epic, well-awaited crossover event that will find Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) partner up with their corresponding agencies to investigate a rape connected to an OCCB unsolved murder. The storyline will begin in Organized Crime season 3, episode 21’s “Shadowërk,” traverse SVU season 24’s final two episodes, and conclude in Organized Crime’s finale.

The crossover coming this May 2023 treads on the heels of the monumental crossover event that occurred early on in Law & Order: SVU’s current season and involved the cast and characters of both Law & Order: Organized Crime and Law & Order. However, this investigation event will observe the Special Victims Unit differently, as the team is now composed of fresh but budding detectives and altered by the absence of Senior Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish). Benson’s once well-oiled machine of a unit has felt especially discordant since facing several major changes, but season 24’s latest episodes have demonstrated her new team may indeed be up for the task.

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SVU Season 24 Episodes 19 & 20 Strengthened The Squad

The disunity in the Special Victims Unit transpired majorly because of Rollins’ abrupt exit but was augmented by the distrust between Benson and Detective Velasco and the suggested incompatibility between the newest members onboarded as a replacement for Amanda Rollins. Captain Benson and Detective Velasco have been at odds ever since the latter was interrogated for his connection to gang member Hector Suarez and the drug and murder investigation bound to the criminal; similarly, Detective Churlish (Jasmine Batchelor) and Velasco haven’t gotten along for her illicit recording of his confession to his connection. Despite the unit’s hiccups, season 24, episodes 19 and 20, has decisively strengthened the squad.

In episode 19’s “Bend The Law,” Benson sends Velasco to collect evidence against his cartel-associated old friend, Chilly, who he witnessed commit murder. Up until episode 19, Velasco had been viewed as expressing loyalty to the wrong side of crime. Still, given a chance and partnered with Detective Churlish to receive Chilly, Velasco does the right thing and collects the evidence needed to convict his childhood friend. Episode 20 confirms the team had been strengthened due to Velasco’s efforts, as Benson verified her renewed trust in him, and Churlish and Velasco are seen in better standing with each other and making an effort to work together.

Law & Order’s Crossover Will Need Organized Crime And Amanda Rollins’ Help

Amanda Rollins in Law & Order_ SVU

The Special Victims Unit will need all hands on deck working effectively together for the upcoming crossover. Not only will the crossover seek the help of characters from both SVU and Organized Crime, but it will pursue the assistance of the recently departed Senior Detective, Amanda Rollins. Rollins is now a professor who has moved on to a new chapter in life, but the crossover threat will need her nonetheless, operating alongside a freshly synergized Law & Order: SVU team and the force of Organized Crime.

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